A Woman Is So Upset T-Mobile Won’t Replace Her Cracked iPhone That She Drives Her Car Through the Store

Unless you slap a screen protector on your iPhone like two seconds after you buy it, you’re GOING to drop it and you’re probably going to crack the screen. And different people will handle that terrible feeling in different ways . . .

A 26-year-old woman named Shinobia Wright from Wellington, Florida cracked her iPhone last week, so she went to the T-Mobile store to try to get them to replace it.

They wouldn’t do it, so she told them it was her birthday and she had insurance. It’s not clear if EITHER of those two things were true, but the staff still wouldn’t give her a new iPhone.

So the next day . . . she drove her SUV right through the store.

She plowed through the front door and hit a display case. Then she got out and started smashing glass with a squeegee.

One employee had to go to the hospital with a knee injury, and Shinobia was charged with aggravated battery, burglary, criminal mischief, and reckless driving.

She told the cops she did it because she was having a bad day.


  • Dennis Lee

    Unbelievable as yet another mentally disturbed and unstable psychotic individual; even if one has proven cell phone insurance they also have to pay for the required written stated contractual typical stated agreed upon $175 deductible and also a $5 processing fee; as well as continue to pay $12 per month from the time one purchased the phone within 14 days of original purchase; now one might actually try reading the stipulated written contract clearly stating the written terms and conditions of the actual stated binding written contract between the two parties; as no one actually forced you to sign the binding written contract and if one did not read the actual written contract they were signing; well two words apply “to bad”!

    Well because she had a bad day; the judge will throw the book at her for causing over $30,000 dollars of damage as well as injuring employees and patrons inside the store which directly opens her up to an automatic criminal injury liability lawsuit as well as an automatic civil injury liability lawsuit also as well; she will likely have to pay at least $50,000 for competent legal fee(s) representation monies unless she really wants to have a really bad day in court and wind up going to jail for a nice long time and also have to pay additional criminal and/or civil injury damages to potential litigants; I would if it was me who was injured and could not work and/or sue for “loss of pay” damages and/or also sue for “legal pain and suffering”; where she would be likely to have to pay at least $100,000 for any potential legal damages to any parties bringing litigation against her!

    now I have an nice ok low cost branded non-fancy basic smart phone only $150 so no big deal; and it definitely would not be worth it to pay $12/month for any potential handset insurance; oh well real life lesson learned hopefully but probably not for her case in real life unfortunately; complete total absolute disregard of commercial property, the law, criminal deliberate battery and assault using automobile, causing criminal injury to store employees and/or patron on the store premises; yes the judge should definitely throw the book at her literally legally speaking!